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Castellon de Bédar Guest House and Bespoke Jewellery by Clare in Bédar, Almería, Spain
Castellon de Bédar Guest House and Bespoke Jewellery by Clare in Bédar, Almería, Spain
Castellon de Bédar Guest House and Bespoke Jewellery by Clare in Bédar, Almería, Spain
Castellon de Bédar Guest House and Bespoke Jewellery by Clare in Bédar, Almería, Spain
Castellon de Bédar Guest House and Bespoke Jewellery by Clare in Bédar, Almería, Spain

A Special Place to be

"Lock the World out" at Castellon

A special Atmosphere

Jewellery by Clare

Jewellery Courses Availability

The courses listed below will give you set dates we have organised for various classes. Please do not hesitate as detailed, to contact with any dates you would like to visit Castellon De Bedar with your friends separately to any of these courses.



Christmas gift vouchers are available for the Cabrera Suite and any jewellery courses that will be running next year or to purchase any jewellery Clare has made. We do celebration packages ask us for details .

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Private Beginners Days
8th October, 10th October, 26th October, 12th November, 14th November

Special Creative Day with your Family or Friends

Tuesday, Thursday and some Saturdays 


Gather a selection of your nearest and dearest (6 People) and come and spend the day with us learning how to make a fine piece of Jewellery.

With all your friends together, it makes for a light hearted experience all round. You will be guided through each stage and technique one by one, and individually you will walk away with a silver ring that you have made from start to finish.

Once you have your friends together, just give us a call, and we will sort out a suitable day and date for you to come to Castellon De Bedar. Saturdays, Sundays or week days are all possibilities.

The rate per person is 40 Euros for the day which would start at 10am - 4.30pm-5.00pm. Refreshments, a lovely lunch and the silver for your ring is included into the price. Cava to finish


Morning Classes!!!!
26th August, 28th August, 2nd September, 4th September, 6th September

"These run regularly on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday......from 10am till 2pm.


As we always say the Beginner's Day is the ONLY time that we set the project for you to make....Now it is your turn to be creative and make anything you want. You can join any of these mornings and Clare will guide you through your personal project stage by stage.

It is 15 Euros for each morning, and this includes refreshments. ( materials for your project are an additional cost)


Creative jewellery day 24th August
24th August, 12th October, 9th November, 16th November, 7th December

For people that have already made the silver ring on a beginners day.A full day at Castellon De Bedar, making your very own pieces of Jewellery to your design and specification. Even if you just have a picture of what you would like to make, Clare will then guide you through each process of making that item.

It is a fun day, a creative day for you to develop your jewellery skills you have learnt from when you first made that silver ring with us.

The day will start at 10am and will finish at 5pm. You will be looked after through out the day with refreshments, cake, a lovely lunch and fizz to finish!… all of this is included into the price of 35 Euros, with the silver and materials used on the day being an additional cost.

For any other information please contact us via e-mail, or call us on:

642 435 909

Taking bookings now for 24th August fully booked,  12th October , 9th November fully booked, 16th November fully booked,7th December fully booked




Beginners days 2020, 9.50 to 4.30pm
1st February, 7th March, 4th April, 9th May, 13th June

Why not give 2020 your big efforts in coming to the beginners day silver ring making day. Enjoy learning all the skills of a fine jeweller. Including in the day is refreshments, lunch, silver ring, cava and canapés to finish .

The day is full of fun and enjoyment in a relaxed setting. 45 euros each.

or get together a group of friends and book a private day so your can enjoy with them still only 45 Euros, Tuesday, Thursday and some Saturdays.

after achieving the silver ring why not join the Monday, Wednesday, or Friday classes to make what you want. 10 to 2pm